Why Acquire Whisky?

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Why whisky?

Whisky has a unique place in the financial world since it has a much longer lifespan than many other asset classes. Unlike cars, wine, and watches, whisky maintains its quality even after it has been opened. Collectors may hold their most valuable bottles for as long as they need to see the best returns without worrying about the product ageing. With over 150 distilleries functioning today, Scotch whisky is an excellent collectable item. Those who are serious about whisky collecting might focus efforts tailored to specific distilleries or bottle releases.

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Outstanding profits.

With the previous years’ impressive returns (ranging from 12 to 20%), a better question could be, “why not whisky?” When determining whether or not to add whisky as an asset to hold, the major arguments are the same as when considering whether or not to acquire good wine. Collectible whisky is in such high demand that a significant quantity of any limited edition bottling will fast become scarce as it is consumed by dedicated whisky fans. Whiskies are matured in oak barrels before being bottled.

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