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Here at Steadman-Chase, we’re all about whisky. We’re collectors, whisky cask professionals but most importantly, we’re enthusiasts.

Whisky is our business.

We are collectors, but also long-term investors that recognise and act on high-yield opportunities by obtaining exclusive and rare whiskies. There are 44 bottles of scotch whisky exported every second to markets all over the world. We offer a full-solution brokerage with access to a market in which returns are growing at a faster pace than gold.

Steadman-Chase was founded with a single goal: to make investing in whisky easy and secure. Buying a one-of-a-kind malt — from dram through to cask — with us can facilitate lucrative and secure returns. Whether you are an individual or an institutional investor, we’ll guide you through our diligently sourced portfolio to select the best-in-class for both pleasure and profit.

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More than just whisky: the opportunity.

Whisky, made from grains and water, relies on the fundamentals of supply and demand much more than digital asset classes.

That means we at Steadman-Chase can more accurately predict the direction of the market. Our strong international reputation, combined with the market’s upward trajectory, creates one of the most secure investments globally. Whisky investments have historically averaged annual returns of 12-20% — and gains are not subject to tax.

Malt investment used to be the mainstay of professionals, but Steadman-Chase strives to provide market opportunities to the wider public. More and more investors are being driven back to tangible investments — our proven track record, network and expertise provides our customers with unique opportunities to capitalise on this maturing asset class.

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The growth of whisky casks in 2021, up from 13.12% in 2020*

*BC20 Cask Whiskey Index



The amount of tax applicable to cask investments, due to its classification as a wasting asset

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We hope you will find something stimulating in our collection but one thing you can count on is that we do not feature anything we don’t enjoy drinking.

The process.

1. Strategy

What is your objective? Have you always dreamed of owning a cask? Do you wish to use whisky as an investment to bulk out your pension? Or do you wish to protect your family’s financial future through careful inflation-proof investment? Our team of veteran luxuries managers work alongside people from all walks of life who wish to secure their wealth or expand their collection. Not all casks are created equally, and at Steadman Chase we only acquire the best collectible and investment grade whisky casks. Our packages range from Auction House Heavyweights filled with premium single malt casks to Tactical Hedging Bundles, all tailored for your budget and ambitions. The choice is yours!

2. Procurement

Once the strategy has been agreed and the package has been selected, the most important stage has begun, procurement. After going through our compliance procedures and anti-money laundering checks, the purchase will be finalised and full ownership of the casks will be transferred into your name. You will receive all the legally required documentation to ensure that you are the ultimate beneficiary owner of the cask.

3. Holding

As per the legal requirements in the UK, all casks of whisky have to be stored in HMRC bonded warehouses. This is to ensure that detailed records are kept of your cask, and protect it from potential damage. We have relationships with many of the largest warehouses and insurance providers across Scotland, allowing our clients to receive the greatest levels of care within the whisky investment industry. If you are interested in seeing your cask we can help to arrange a visitation with the bonded facility. From there you can sit back and allow the whisky to mature, meanwhile your portfolio manager and online portal will keep you up to date with your portfolio’s progress.

4. Exit

When it comes to exit strategy, we work with our clients to ensure their needs are met.

The most popular way to sell your cask is to sell to another client that wants to purchase your cask or build their portfolio. We can also arrange private and public auctions, help you independently bottle your cask, or even sell your cask back to the distiller.