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Whisky barrels may only be stored in government-run bonded warehouses, allowing you to keep your stock safe while avoiding duty, making it a tax efficient asset. Steadman-Chase ensures your whisky’s safety and security by housing it correctly in HMRC-approved facilities. Our partners share our enthusiasm for whisky, and can keep all barrels for any amount of time.

Regular inspections are carried out, providing you peace of mind about the security of your acquisition. Our agents will handle all of the documentation and title transfer for you when it comes time to bottle or sell your cask.

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What sets us apart?

Steadman-Chase allows you to use its own bonded warehouse. We believe accessibility to your collection is important. Whisky barrels are stacked three pallets high in our warehouse however, they are stacked eight pallets high in other warehouses. This means that your barrels will always be available for you to observe and touch during one of our various whisky tours. In contrast, in some warehouses, you may never see the barrel you own. The risk of this is that if any damage is done to your barrel, you will not be aware of it until you wish to sell and discover that all of your whisky has been spilt for years without your knowledge. Our warehouse is located in Speyside, Scotland. This means that all of our barrels benefit from Speyside air and travel little more than three miles from distillery to cask, resulting in very minimal movement.

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